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Why should you take Pound? The reasons may surprise you.

  • It truly is for EVERY BODY and EVERYBODY. As I am teaching, anything we do that needs an option, I go over the modifications as I teach. That's what makes the classes awesome. A class can be beginners or established peeps, any age (I have a class where 14 yr olds come together with 50 yr olds). Since everyone is usually at a different place on their fitness journey, remember WE ARE ALL DIFFERNT AND THAT IS ALWAYS CELEBRATED!

  • Years ago we took a class and split the class in half. Half of the class struck the ground with their stix, the other half did not but hit in a downward pattern with intent. Everyone who participated wore a watch that counted our calories and heart rate. The difference was minimal. As long as you are striking with intent, keeping your moves sharp, and listening to my cues and explanations you are getting a great workout. You don't have to hit that floor!

  • Calories burned changes based on your weight. You and your neighbor might be very different in your calories. But, there is a TON of cardio in every song selection as well as orchestra moves that help your heartrate so you can get the most out of your workout. Calories burned can run between 400-800 total calories per session.

  • Guess how many squats and lunges are in an a 45 minute Pound class? Ready? Between 700 and 800! Yep! That's why I am constantly motioning for you to get lower. I have demonstrated a proper squat and lunge many times and we don't always get there, but every time you come back push yourself a bit harder. You'll know when you're increasing. It becomes harder to sit and get up a day or two after class!

  • To me the most important part of Pound is its amazing benefits for your brain. Music is the number one tool that begins to light the brain up and get those neurons firing. Practicing Pound makes your brain more receptive to this and the moves begin muscle memory as well as speed. As you begin to wake up your brain and get it working in its peak form, you are truly helping yourself. I am certified to teach dementia and Alzheimer's patients so please feel free to ask me any further questions! While these diseases cannot be stopped, they can be slowed down by lots of memory building activities.

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