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I’ve been taking Sharon’s Pound classes for a while now and I really enjoy them. She is thorough by teaching how to do the moves properly and she makes Pound fun. She is always smiling and is always happy and I can’t wait to get back to another one of her classes! 



Sharon’s commitment and dedication has been very inspiring and motivating. No matter where you are in your journey to physical and mental health/fitness, Pound with Sharon is the place to be!!! Rocking out, “pounding” out the frustrations has been cathartic in a way I never expected. I value the new faces I’ve met and look forward to every time we POUND!! 



Sharon introduced me to Pound this past spring. She is super supportive and encouraging to all participants no matter your age, size, or fitness level.  With doctors clearance, Sharon was able to meet me at my level even when my back interferes. 

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In 2020, I endured a horrific and tragic loss and was suffering from PTSD and grief. Medication was not something I was looking to experiment with to ease my symptoms. 

 I reached out to Sharon and she welcomed me to Pound with open arms. Now, three years later I feel much better. I would suggest to anyone that is looking for a great stress release and overall mind, body and soul workout should attend one of Sharon’s classes. 

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