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is designed for all fitness levels and is the perfect atmosphere

for letting loose and having a blast while getting fit.

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Hello, I'm Sharon, and I've proudly held the title of Pound Pro since March 2021. My journey with Pound began four years earlier when I first stepped into a Pound class, and it was love at first strike. 

After obtaining my teaching credentials I felt compelled to share my passion, style, and unique flair with others through teaching.  The Pound philosophy resonates deeply with me, emphasizing the power of music and the healthy release of aggression in a fun way. I've witnessed the remarkable camaraderie, friendships, and bonds that Pound fosters, and I firmly believe it all starts with the instructor.

I recently took a significant step in my journey by "Leveling Up." This involved undertaking an intensive course to refine my teaching techniques, ensuring precision and efficiency in my classes. I'm committed to continuously enhancing my skills and knowledge through ongoing courses and workshops offered by Pound, all with one goal in mind - to provide you with the best possible Pound experience!



WE BELIEVE in the power of music and the freedom of rocking out.

WE SUPPORT unleashing aggression.

WE SUPPORT discovering new talents, awaking new senses.

WE ENCOURAGE sampling new forms of movement.

WE ENCOURAGE uncovering new rhythms.

WE ENCOURAGE and tapping into new ways of listening.

WE PROMOTE camaraderie, friendship and bonding.

WE BELIEVE in loving our bodies while improving them.

WE BELIEVE in handing you the permission to Rock!

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